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Weekly Challenge

This week’s challenge focuses on a set of muscles you don’t see when you look straight in the mirror – but they sure do get a lot of attention.

It’s your POSTERIOR CHAIN … aka the muscles on the back of your body (some of the biggest in your body).

🍑This includes your glutes, back, and hamstrings.

These muscles work together to support everything you do during the day … but they can get lazy because we spend so much time SITTING.

This challenge will help fire them back up!


THREE DAYS this week do THREE sets of the following routine. You can do this circuit on its own or add it to your current workout for extra 🔥🔥

Do as a circuit, 3x through:

Reverse lunges (10 each side)

Glute bridge (15 reps)

Supermans (10 reps)

Downward-Facing Dog (30 seconds)

Rest 60 seconds

✅ Are you in?? Let me know in the comments.👇

Reverse Lunge (gif)

Glute bridges (ACE):…/exercise…/49/glute-bridge

Supermans (ACE):…/exercise-library/9/supermans

Downard Facing Dog…/exer…/18/downward-facing-dog

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